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my art portfolio

Discomfort Exhibition - Korsi Society - Vienna, Oct/2021

Synesthesia and qualia: can one really describe how pain feels? My friend Bárbara Paes and I investigated that question. She made a synesthetic dictionary for her fibromyalgia. I prompt-engineered and fed to the AI (CLIP Guided Diffusion). We exhibited the results in a gallery in Vienna in October/2021. You can check out how it was here.

Unusual mashups @ datadays - ETH Zurich, May/2022

The set titled "Unusual Mashups" showcases how AI art can both compose novel pieces and be a direct bridge between imagination and canvas. I was invited to be featured in the "Data Days" event, an event about machine learning + art at ETH Zurich. I also gave a talk there, "Multimodal AI art and the future of creativity".

It's a swarm of bees @ N.EON gallery Belgrade, Dec/2022

The set titled "Future of Streetart" displays potential street art that could exist in a future where AI becomes more prominent to our lives

upcoming catwalks @ exploratorium museum San Francisco, Apr/2023 (#woodstockai)

The upcoming catwalks series showcases possibilities for catwalks of tomorrow (real or science fiction? it's your bet). It was exhibited in the exploratorium museum for the Hugging Face Open Source AI Meetup, nicknamed #woodstockAI

KREA AI art gallery - Iriarte Iriarte - Barcelona, Jun/2023

KREA AI invited me and 30+ other AI artists to do a physical art exhibition: the pieces were printed out and at some point at the event, the guests could just take them. To celebrate the 100 years of the "Week of Modern Art" in Brazil I've done some reinterpretations of the piece "Abapuru" by Tarsila do Amaral

'it's a digital world, but someone's still gotta cook lunch' @ Metatopia, Wrong Biennale, Apr/2022

we're on the digital expo 'it's a digital world, but someone's still gotta cook lunch' - curated by Alice Granada with some of our AI generated pieces. Check out this screenshot for a sneak-peak:

talks and courses given

Talk at the MIT Generative AI summit

I was invited to participate at a discussion at the MIT Generative AI summit, together with Léonard Boussioux we had a conversation about how AI could be used by artists

Panel at the CogX Cinema & AI - Marché du Film in Cannes

I was invited to be part of the Cinema & AI panel in Cannes (video coming soon)

Generative AI with Gradio - Deeplearning.AI course with Andrew Ng

I was invited by Deeplearning.AI to co-host a course with Andrew Ng on building generative AI applications with Gradio Join here

Diffusion Models are Cool - But What Comes After the Hype?

A talk in the diffusion models course event by Hugging Face event