Multimodal AI art news

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August 1 week of Stable Diffusion

August Multimodal AI art updates that you maybe missed with the Stable Diffusion launch (August update)

2022-07-16 CogVideo released, CLIP+Actor released, 3 text-to-3D updates, Chinese CLIP released and an explosion of community-fine tuned models

2022-06-24 Google Parti announced, CogView2 weights and demo, Majesty and Pixel Art Diffusion updated, a new CLIP to 3D stylization and RegionCLIP released

2022-06-13 4 new exciting text-to-3D notebooks, fine tuning CLIP on unlabeled images, Dall-E mini went viral, a new way to control a StyleGAN from CLIP and more!

2022-06-06 Diffusion fine-tuning models out, a way to multi-prompt diffusion, text-to-image code from Apple, a very exciting multi-lingual CLIP, the biggest fully open CLIP model yet and more!

2022-05-30 Imagen - new SOTA model announced, Improved VQ-Diffusion released, Majesty Diffusion got an update and CogVideo - a text-to-video model got hinted

2022-05-22 Majesty Diffusion 👑 released, Disco Warp new comic faces model, a LAION-2B trained CLIP, an 𝘢𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘪𝘤 LAION dataset and more!

2022-05-14 Multi-purpose agent GATO announced; MindsEye Lite, a CLIP-CLOP - a collage Maker, Latent Princess Generator and more released

2022-05-06 DALL-E Flow released, Dall-E Mega is 50%, Centipede Diffusion v2, OpenCLIP ViT-B/16+ is out, new text-to-3D model out and more!

2022-04-29 Dall-E Mega sneak peak, CLIP-GEN out, StyleGAN XL big model , Flamingo and more!

2022-04-22 CLIP ViT-L/[email protected], StyleGAN-Human, StyleGAN XL modified, Centipede Diffusion and more!

2022-04-15 GLID-3 XL, ruDALLE, ruDALLE, DALLE 1 Mega, CLOOB fine-tunes, MidJourney v2 and more!

2022-04-08 Dall-E 2, Latent Diffusion LAION400M, KNN Diffusion. Video Diffusion, Text2Live and more!

2022-04-01 RQ-VAE, GLID-3, LAION-5B, StyleGAN XL, Make-a-Scene, CLIPMatrix and more!