1 week of Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion was released 1 week ago. In just one week, a Cambrian explosion of services, adaptations, user interfaces and integrations emerged - we list here our curation of them and the first time they showed up. Also check out "Multimodal AI art updates that you maybe missed with the Stable Diffusion launch"

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Monday (22/08) - release date

Stable Diffusion official release

Stable Diffusion was released officially on Monday 22/09. The weights were released so they can be used with the diffusers library or CompVis' code. The official code was capable of doing text2image and image2image.

DreamStudio Beta hosted tool / user interface

DreamStudio Beta, Stability's "official" service for using the model in a freemium fashion. One can use the API via the stability-sdk as well.


Hugging Face Spaces open source / hosted tool / user interface

Hugging Face Spaces, a free and simple way to demo/use the model.


Diffusers official demo Colab open source / notebook

A detailed colab notebook on how to use Stable Diffusion with the diffusers library

Gradio UI for Stable Diffusion open source / notebook / user interface

A Gradio UI running on Colab for Stable Diffusion by ahsen.khaliq

Stable Diffusion on Apple Silicon hardware support

An M1 compatible fork of the CompVis Stable Diffusion repo was released.

Tuesday (23/08)

Stable Diffusion Image2Image open source / notebook

As it was in the original codebase, plenty of Image2Image demos showed up just after launch. Here we include the image2image colab notebook with diffusers.

Stable Diffusion image interpolation open source / notebook

@pharmapyscotic released a very fun notebook to generate interpolated (or in between images) between 2 or more prompts.

Yet Another Stable Diffusion Discord bot open source

Despite the name, this was the first tool to include Stable Diffusion on any Discord server, as long as the user self-hosts it. Along the week, other discord bots showed up such as Shanghai and Replicate's

Replicate demo open source / hosted tool / user interface

Replicate released their open source container and freemium service for using the model.

Windows GUIs released - Visions of Chaos user interface

The powerful (yet a bit complicated to get started with) digital art tool Visions of Chaos added support for Stable Diffusion on Wednesday, followed a little later in the week by specialized Stable Diffusion windows GUIs such as razzorblade's and grisk's.

Third-party hosted tool explosion hosted tool

NightCafe, Neuralblender, NeuralLove, Dezgo, Enstil, Pollinations all released their closed source stable-diffusion-as-a-service services day-1.

Wednesday (24/08)

Stable Diffusion animations (Deforum notebook release) open source / notebook

The Colab Notebook by the deforum community was released, it is capable of doing zooming animations with multiple prompts as well image interpolation and is just a lot of fun to use.

Stable Diffusion Figma plugin integration / announced

User RemitNotPaucity announced a Figma plugin to integrate Stable Diffusion to Figma workflows. One can sign up for product updates here.

Lexica Art - Stable Diffusion prompt search engine art support

Lexica Art is a search engine for prompts on Stable Diffusion.. One can search more than 5 million images and their respective prompts for inspiration and more.

Thursday (25/08)

Stable Diffusion inpainting open source / notebook / user interface

A Colab notebook with a Gradio GUI to do inpainting with Stable Diffusion was released. It uses the diffusers library, which added the inpainting demo as an example as well. Two days later, an even easier to use Gradio GUI was released.

hlky Stable Diffusion WebUI open source / notebook / user interface

A super advanced Gradio UI that runs locally and can do text2image, image2image, inpainting, textual inversion, upscaling and way too many features to list here. It has also been adapted to run inside of Google Colab corgi

Artbreeder Collage hosted tool / user interface

Artbreeder Collage is on beta - a very advanced collage maker with Stable Diffusion both image2image and text2image.

Friday (26/08)

Alpaca - Photoshop integration hosted tool / integration / announced

Alpaca was announced as a plugin integration for Photoshop using Stable Diffusion, you can sign up for their beta here.

Stable Diffusion on AMD GPUs open source / hardware support

A hacky guide on how to make Stable Diffusion work with AMD GPUs was released.. There's also a docker container for making it easier. I haven't tested it yet. A more robust solution is on the making!

Diffuse the rest open source / hosted tool / user interface

An image2image GUI that resembles MS Paint

Saturday (27/09)

Stable Diffusion with video init open source / notebook

A Colab notebook by Shellworld1 added the possibility to add an init video to Stable Diffusion.

Sunday (28/08)

Stable Diffusion + GIMP integration open source / integration / announced

Twitter user nousr_ showcased a proof of concept of integrating Stable Diffusion with GIMP using Google Colab as a backend.

Monday (29/08)

Stable Diffusion OpenVINO open source / hardware support

OpenVINO integration for Stable Diffusion, which allows it to run way more efficiently on CPUs.

Stable Diffusion integrated in Blender! open source / integration

Blender Integration for Stable Diffusion by Shellworld1!



What a week, huh? And this is not even a comprehensive list, but one curated by me. Check out this reddit thread or sd-akashic curation and the Awesome Stable Diffusion curation for more comprehensive lists.