This week in multimodal ai art (23/May - 30/May)

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Text-to-Image synthesizers:

- Google Imagen announced (Website, Paper)

by Google
Right after we released our weekly news last week Google announced Imagen - their state of the art text-to-image model that rivals Dall-E2. Check this twitter thread out here researchers generated images based on inputs given by people on Twitter

- Improved Vector Quantized Diffusion Model released (GitHub)

by Microsoft
Microsoft released very stealthily (sent a new commit to the VQ-Diffusion repository) a follow up for this work. The paper is mentioned but wasn't released yet

- Majesty Diffusion v1.3 upgrade 👑 (GitHub, Latent Colab, V-Diffusion Colab)

by Dango233 and multimodalart
Our Majesty Diffusion notebooks got plenty of updates - the most notable one is an improved upscaling schedule by Dango233. Check it out:

Text-to-video updates:

CogVideo hinted (GitHub)

CogVideo is a new text-to-video technique that was hinted on it's own GitHub repository. It seems to be capable to generate a few video clips from just text. From the creators of CogView and CogView2

Learning AI Art:

AIAIArt course (GitHub, Discord)

AIArt is a free and open source AI art course by John Whitaker. There are synchronous classes for the next few Saturdays 4 PM UTC on Twitch. All previous classes stay recorded and available on Google Colabs on the GitHub link