upcoming catwalks @ exploratorium


The upcoming catwalks series showcases possibilities for catwalks of tomorrow (real or science fiction? it's your bet). It was exhibited in the exploratorium museum for the Hugging Face Open Source AI Meetup, nicknamed #woodstockAI.

The pieces were created with a combination and mashups between commercial (MidJourney, Adobe Firefly, Bing Image Creator) and open source tools (Stable Diffusion, Karlo, IF), with outputs of one tool being inputs of another for a cycle of editing and curation.

12 art pieces exhibited at the event

art_1 art_2 art_3 art_4 art_5 art_6 art_7 art_8 art_9 art_10 art_11 art_12

Pictures of the art pieces in display @ the event

upcoming_3 upcoming_2 IMG_2424%20%281%29 IMG_2424 artist_and_art