Art Portfolio

Hi, I am Apolinário, founder of Here you will find my AI art portfolio. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you wish to collaborate or have me in your exhibition or gallery!

Discomfort Exhibition - Korsi Society - Vienna, Oct/2021

Synesthesia and qualia: can one really describe how pain feels? My friend Bárbara Paes and I investigated that question. She made a synesthetic dictionary for her fibromyalgia. I prompt-engineered and fed to the AI (CLIP Guided Diffusion). We exhibited the results in a gallery in Vienna in October/2021. You can check out how it was here.

'it's a digital world, but someone's still gotta cook lunch' @ Metatopia, Wrong Biennale, Apr/2022

we're on the digital expo 'it's a digital world, but someone's still gotta cook lunch' - curated by Alice Granada with some of our AI generated pieces. Check out this screenshot for a sneak-peak: sneak peak

Unusual mashups @ datadays - ETH Zurich, May/2022

The set titled "Unusual Mashups" showcases how AI art can both compose novel pieces and be a direct bridge between imagination and canvas. I was invited to be featured in the "Data Days" event, an event about machine learning + art at ETH Zurich. I also gave a talk there, "Multimodal AI art and the future of creativity". 214004c3-8646-4482-b89b-f5d83794b1e8

Is a swarm of bees @ N.EON gallery Belgrade, Dec/2022

The set titled "Future of Streetart" shows the anxiety that may exist to the population when AI becomes more prominent to our lives

street1 street2